BerZuBa 2007

Who's coming?

Crash space

1TailGatefrom Bern/BerZuBa
2aMnesiafrom Bern HHH
3terrible 2Bitslitfrom D.R.I.F.T.E.R. H3
4bloodcurdling BeerBra from D.R.I.F.T.E.R. H3
5Dirty Neel Down Downfrom The Hash with the Most
6BooBoofrom Bern
7Teacher\'s Petfrom Sembach
8Wet&Readyfrom ZH3
9George Mooniefrom Basel HHH
10Moose Dracula Diverfrom Schaffhausen H3
11Mealticketfrom Basel Stadt
12dirty wee g stringfrom hursley
13Automatic Ballsfrom Frankfurt Vineyard Hash/Frankfurt Hash
14Hard \'n\' Fastfrom Frankfurt Hash
15Chainsawfrom Zurich/BerZuBa
16Just Suzannefrom BerZuBa
17Sidewinderfrom Frankfurt H3
18F@#k of Finlandfrom DIVA
19guess whofrom Basel
20Uncle Festerfrom Frankfurt H3
21Mouthful of Meatfrom Frankfurt H3
22Just Helenfrom Bern H3, now
23Black Udderfrom Bangkok Hash House Bikers
24Yark, The Vampire Suckerfrom D.R.I.F.T.E.R. H3
25Weeny Schnitzelfrom Grand Duchy H3 Luxembourg
26Hoveringcrap of Deathfrom Burn baby, bern
27Blisterbitsfrom Bangkok Hash House Harriers
28Repulsive Repunzelfrom SWH3
29SpeedoGonzalesfrom Munich H3
30\"The Bloody\" Mr. Slippy Fistfrom Sembach H3
31Just Johnfrom Corvallis H3