BerZuBa 2008

Who's coming?

Crash space

1Wet & Readyfrom Zurich H3Not paid
2TailGatefrom BerZuBa / Bern H3Paid
3aMnesiafrom Bern H3Paid
4Hovercrapfrom Bern H3Paid
5F@#k of Finlandfrom DIVA H3Paid
6Blue Moonfrom Stuttgart HHHPaid
7Austin Powersfrom Glasgow H3Paid
8Mealticketfrom BerZuBa / Basel Stadt H3Paid
9Automatic Ballsfrom FH3 / Vineyard HashPaid
10Baggy Snatchfrom Munich H3Paid
11Half Montyfrom BMPH3Paid
12Out of Africa from Zurich H3Paid
13Meryl Strippfrom Zurich H3Paid
14BooBoofrom Bern H3Paid
15Mean Streakfrom BITCHPaid
16George Mooniefrom Basel Stadt H3Not paid
17Black Udderfrom BHHBPaid
18Thirsty Thursdayfrom Zurich H3Paid
19Dirty Wee G Stringfrom Hursley H3Paid
20Time For Bedfrom Frankfurt H3Paid
21Weeny Schnitzelfrom Grand Duchy H3Paid
22Pink Pantherfrom BMPH3Paid
23Uncle Festerfrom Frankfurt H3Paid
24Mouthful of Meatfrom Frankfurt H3Paid
25Park & Ridefrom Zurich H3Paid
26Junior Turdfrom Inverness H3Not paid
27Dirty Neel Down Downfrom Prague H3Paid
28Bubblesfrom D.R.I.F.T.E.R. H3Paid
29Comes Every Timefrom BH3Paid
30Chainsawfrom ZurichPaid
312Bitslitfrom D.R.I.F.T.E.R. H3Paid
32BeerBrafrom Rhine Neckar H3Paid
33Teacher's Petfrom Sembach HHHPaid
34Clark Kentfrom Stockholm Absolut H3Not paid
35Moose Diverfrom Schaffhausen H3Paid
36U Wishfrom Bern H3Paid
37Border Boobsfrom Frankfurt H3Paid
38OSCfrom ELVIS H3Paid
39Paula the Bastardfrom Munich H3Not paid
40Just Jeremyfrom StuttgartPaid
41Tile Surferfrom StuttgartPaid
42Pom Fritzfrom CRAP H3Not paid
43Supermanfrom SembachNot paid
44Ice Holefrom Frankfurt H3Paid
45HummingBirdfrom ?Not paid
46Blister Bitsfrom BHHB Bangkok Hash House BikersPaid
47Just Rahelfrom Bern H3Not paid
48Harpofrom Amsterdam Hash House HarriersNot paid