BerZuBa 2009

Who came?

Crash space

1aMnesiafrom Bern Hash House HarriersPaid
2Chainsawfrom ZurichPaid
3Black Udderfrom ZurichPaid
4Hovercrapfrom BernPaid
5Wet&Readyfrom ZH3Paid
6Thirsty Thursdayfrom ZH3Paid
7TailGatefrom Bern/BerZuBaPaid
8Just Catherinefrom BernPaid
9Out of Africafrom ZH3Paid
10Meryl Stripfrom ZH3Paid
11Mealticketfrom Basel StadtPaid
12Dirty wee G Stringfrom Hursely H3Paid
13Dirty Neel Down Downfrom PragueHHHPaid
14Erectus Maximusfrom C.R.A.P. H3Paid
15BooBoofrom BernPaid
16Teachers Petfrom SembachPaid
17George Mooniefrom Basel HHHPaid
18F@#k of Finlandfrom DIVAPaid
19greengrocerfrom ---Paid
20Sux2Blowfrom Sembach HHHPaid
21Europe'an Whorefrom Sembach HHHPaid
22Czech Him Outfrom PragueHHHPaid
23Park&Ridefrom ZürichPaid
24Iceholefrom Frankfurt H3Paid
25Time For Bedfrom Frankfurt H3Paid
26OSCfrom ELVIS H3Paid
27Free Willyfrom Zuerich H3Paid
28Late Shiftfrom Bern H3Paid