BerZuBa 2010

Who's coming?

Crash space

1Mad Logicfrom Lion City H3Paid
2aMnesiafrom Bern Hash House HarriersPaid
3TailGatefrom Bern / BerZuBaPaid
4Spice Rackfrom BernPaid
5HummingBirdfrom BernNot paid
6Ball-and-Chain Sawfrom ZurichNot paid
7The Groomfrom D.R.I.F.T.E.R. H3Paid
8The Bridefrom Rhine Necker H3Paid
9Wet&Readyfrom Zürich H3Paid
10BooBoofrom BernPaid
11Teacher's Petfrom SembachPaid
12Out of Africafrom ZH3Paid
13Meryl Stripfrom ZH3Paid
14Sister Belindafrom Madrid HashPaid
15Thirsty Thursdayfrom ZH3Paid
16Time for Bedfrom Frankfurt H3Paid
17Automatic Ballsfrom Frankfurt H3/Frankfurt Vineyard H3Paid
18Mealticketfrom Basel StadtPaid
19F@#k of Finlandfrom DIVAhhhPaid
20FlashDanceGirlfrom RNH3Not paid
21FAY Whitefrom SembachPaid
22Iceholefrom Frankfurt H3Paid
23Regions of Interestfrom Frankfurt H3Paid
24OSCfrom Graceland HHHNot paid
25Mongrel (The Bridesdog/maid)from Isle of Wight H3Not paid
26Greengrocerfrom ZurichPaid
27Cosmofrom MunichPaid
28Black Udderfrom ZurichNot paid
2931 Favorsfrom Sembach H3Paid
30Doctor Bomb Bayfrom Sembach H3Paid
31Looser Than Dirtyfrom CRAPPaid
32InGo Seamanfrom CRAPPaid
33Europe'an Whorefrom SembachPaid
34Sux2Blowfrom SembachPaid
35Yark Suckerfrom DIVAAAHHHPaid
36Halloweenyfrom SNONADSPaid
37Just Moirafrom BernPaid
38Pink Pantherfrom BMPH3Paid
39Bubblesfrom D.R.I.F.T.E.R. HHHPaid
40Debbie Does Frankfurtersfrom FrankfurtPaid
41Border Boobsfrom Frankfurt H3Paid
42Countess Flashulafrom Zurich h3Not paid
43U Wishfrom BernNot paid
44David cop a feelfrom Zürich H3Paid