BerZuBa 2007

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BerZuBa isn't dead, it just smells funny... Halloween 2007!

Fribourg, Switzerland

Save the date: October 26-28



The typical BerZuBa-type venue is located near Fribourg, Switzerland,
south of Bern in a spooky and eerie countryside.

What was it like?

Photos from Dirty Kneel Down Down

How do I get there?

Autobahn A1 to Bern then follow the signs for the A12, direction Fribourg
Leave the A12 at exit 10, Flamatt (Laupen)
After the off ramp, go straight through the round-about to the end of the road and turn left, direction Laupen
Continue into the town of Laupen, then turn left at the Fribourg/Bösingen sign
Go up the hill - at the circle follow the signs to Fribourg/Düdingen (it is straight up the hill)
Continue up the hill into Bösingen and turn left at the sign for Schmitten/Fendringen
After about 200 meters uphill, turn left at the sign "Rebacher" and follow it into the forest
At the 1st fork stay on the paved road, toward the right
At the next fork, stay left and continue straight to the house

There should be very large, flour arrows in the road at each fork showing the correct direction.
There will be signs up for the parking area - do NOT block the drive ways - the parking area is on the grass.
Hint: you can drag the map to move it around, click the +/- buttons to zoom in/out.

What about public transport?

From Bern, take the S1 to Laupen - trains leave at 16 minutes past every hour until just after midnight.
Call TailGate (+41 79 443 3330) for someone to come and pick you up.



Date: 26.10.2007

Who showed up?

Check out who came...


We have rented an entire venue for the weekend. It has multiple-bed rooms and space for tents.
Maximum number allowed is 45 hashers.
Rooms will not be assigned, they'll be designated (for example, snoring, non-snoring, harriette only, etc.)

What should I bring?

Sleeping bag

What should I expect?

Itinerary for BerZuBa 2007

Friday night: Welcome back from the un-dead! The theme of the evening is Zombie-Mania! Please come dressed as a Zombie Hasher. We're not dead, we just smell funny. Registration opens at 17:00. After that, enjoy some blood-curdling beer and/or other deadly beverages, or go for a wander in your Zombie costume and try to scare the local wildlife. But BEWARE! There are some farmer neighbours who are reknowned for shooting first! Run starts at 21:44ish. We'll be going into town and attacking a local bar. DOUBLE BEWARE!!!! The ONLY FOOD you'll be getting for the evening is 'witch's soup' and 'deadly bread' and late (at the bar), so we STRONGLY RECOMMEND YOU EAT SOMETHING BEFORE YOU ARRIVE.

Saturday: Breakfast is from 9:00 to 10:30, or something like that. Run starts at 11:30ish. Drink stops, lunch, self-powered mechanical assistance, nice views, and only a bit of UP this time will all be on hand. There will be a walkers' and a runners' trail. Trail should finish before the fall of the Sun (we hope!) when the area becomes infested with alcoholic vampires, followed by the world's only circle from Hell. Dinner will be served when it's ready and then the moment the dark side of all of us has been waiting for-The BerZuBa 2007 Halloween Costume Party!!!!!!! Prizes will be given for best and worst costumes.

Sunday: Breakfast is from 9-10:00, or something like that. Hangover Run starts at 11:00ish. After the circle and lunch, pack up your stuff and find a nice, moist spot to bury yourself until next year.

Cost for the weekend...

In advance:1509013063
On the door (only if there's room):17510515073

Here's how to pay.