BerZuBa 2018 is alive and kicking

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BerZuBa Halloween 2018

Just when you thought BerZuBa has died and found peace, the Aliens have made plans to come back and invade the hashing world of Switzerland.

We tortured a captured alien scout by forcing him to drink water until he disclosed the details of the upcoming invasion.


26 to 28 October 2018


Pfadiheim Birchli, Einsiedeln

How much?

Early bird, pay before September 1st:160CHF
Medium bird, pay before October 1st:175CHF
DFL bird, pay on or after October 1st, or at the door:190CHF

How can I register?

BerZuBa 2018 regos CLOSED. All spots are taken already and we are no longer able to take regos for BerZuBa 2018. If you'd like to go on a waiting list (in case someone drops out) you can still sign up, but simply don't send us any money as that will not get you a guaranteed spot! If anyone who's already paid drops out the BerZuBa Mismanagement will contact people on the waiting list. More details TBA, just watch this space... meanwhile here is who's already coming...