BerZuBaVania 2012

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BerZuBaVania Halloween 2012

For 2012, we have decided to take BerZuBa to the roots of Halloween and go to Transylvania - hereby announcing BerZuBaVania!
We will be staying near Brasov.

How to get there?

Check skyscanner for cheap flights to Bucharest.
There will be ONE coach taking hashers from both Bucharest airports, some time in the afternoon of 26th,
and ONE coach taking us back to the airports on 28th. The exact time of the these trips will be fixed nearer to the event.
The coach will also take us around during the weekend. Places in the coach are limited to 50.

Who's coming?

Check out who's coming...

How much?

Early BirdFirst 20 hashers to register AND PAYCHF 200
RegularNext 15 hashers to register AND PAYCHF 220
Last-minuteFinal 15 hashers to register AND PAYCHF 240

Please do note that you are only eligible for a given price category when you pay, not when you register.

How can I register?

Here's the rego form and payment info link (payment details coming soon).

What should you bring?

Bedding: the venue provides bedding and towels
Costume: a Zombie costume for Friday's BerZuBa Halloween Pub Crawl plus a costume for Saturday night's Halloween Ball (theme: your favourite celeb as a zombie or as another hasher.s zombie).
Other things to bring: A flashlight (torch), A drinking vessel if you have one, pain relievers (for your hangovers).
If you bring cash: USD, CHF, EUR has good exchange rates (NOT in the airport - we will have a pit stop on the way to or in Brasov for that). Credit cards are accepted and it is safe using them while in Romania.

What should you expect?




Other important details

Please inform us about your flight numbers and times. If you want to be on the bus you should not book a flight that arrives in Bucharest after 14:30 on Friday or leaves before 16:00 on Sunday. If you are flying from Switzerland, hashers already found this website helpful. There are no low cost flights from CH.

If you can't join the bus a taxi would be about CHF100 one way.

Berzuba luxury: this year we have many 2-4 person rooms. Hashers can choose with whom they want to be in a room, just let us know and we will do our best.

Romania is worth staying a night or 2 before and / or after the event. The Berzuba venue would be happy to have people for extra days at hash-friendly prices. If you.d like a night or 2 in Bucharest the Noblesse is hasher-friendly in a convenient location between airport and city.