BerZuBa 2016

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BerZuBa Halloween 2016

October 28th - 30th


The venue is the "Kinderfreundehaus" in Magglingen because we are all kids at heart!

Am Wald 31
2532 Magglingen

Getting there...

Read all about it in the 2016 flyer.

How much does it cost?

Pay before October 1st:160CHF
Pay before October 25th:190CHF
Pay after October 25th or at the door:220CHF

Remember: you are not registered until you have paid.

Maximum number of people is 40, after that you will be put on a waiting list.

How can I register?

Sign up here...

Be aware that you are not considered registered until you have paid!

See who's signed up...

What do I need to know?

Sleeping facilities: 2 dormitory rooms with 13 and 17 beds. Bring sleeping bags, bottom sheet and pillow case (small pillow provided).

Find more information in the 2016 flyer.